Equestrian Clockwork

by Viricide Filly

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Consisting of about 4 months worth of work, "Equestrian Clockwork" is an EP (wow fuckin shocked try not to have a heart attack). Thirteen songs were rejected and a further 10 just never got finished in the first place.

It's more or less a proof of concept for something bigger I'm currently working on. The tracks are all over the place but they're experimental and most are pretty downtempo/chill so if you like EDM then you can pretty much just listen to track 6 and track 2 and be on your merry fuckin way to youtube where you can orgasm over the latest "future bass" track on Monstercat and wonder why everyone calls you 12 years old.

PS; there's a secret bonus track you melons

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released September 26, 2014

Special thanks to 3ternal, J-Free, Office Bats, Dynamite Grizzly, Eli/MisterHailfire/Genius Incredible, Senpyre, ExoBassTix and the rest of you absolutely glorious memelords. You know why you're here. You guys are ebin.

Special thanks to Angelhood, AxleGrease, Starshield/Justice, Zak, and anyone else in that group I've forgotten, for encouraging me, helping me through the bad times, and for being pretty cool guys to talk to.

Special thanks to Injustrial, without you giving me some of your hard earned shekels I wouldn't have been able to make it to BUCK, and if I hadn't been able to make it to BUCK I might not be as inspired to create for the fandom as I have been recently. Also, you're cool. Also, you look sort of like a samurai warrior.

Special thanks to Luna from hypnoponies, who inspired the seventh track on this EP.

Special thanks to the summer sun celebration and lunar eclipse stage at BUCK, if it wasn't for you my rib-cage, legs, feet, head, neck and mind would be intact.

Special thanks to General Mumble for making a live set so amazing I momentarily passed out (legit)

Special thanks to Everfree Network, while I don't visit you guys anymore, I'm still grateful for the support you've given me over the months.

Special thanks to Senpyre again because you're a cutie

Special thanks to my arse

Special thanks to the pinkamena party chat, the sheer vast quantity of memes you guys come up with is just too much I can't even

Special thanks to coke, without you I wouldn't have anything to share with mum

Special thanks to that one truck I saw on the way back from Manchester that said "Smeg" on it

Special thanks to fabric. Don't worry, you're not dumb. I still love you. C'mere, lemmie give you a kiss.

Special thanks to my cold. If you hadn't rendered me unable to think properly, then maybe the weirder tracks on this EP wouldn't be here.

Special thanks to HardKnocks from Hypnoponies who drew the simplistic but effective cover for this EP.

Special thanks to ShrapnelWeeaboo for being the world's greatest tit

Special thanks to REDD for being transphobic

Special thanks to Wessel, may his memes live on

Special thanks to Chase.wav, his laugh induces lucid nightmares

Special thanks to Okami for being the best game ever made

Special thanks to israel

Special thanks to kek the cat

Special thanks to big man tyrone for giving me an upboat

Special thanks to Office Bats for providing us with sub-par memes

Special thanks to raging rarity, deceptive applejack, ferocious fluttershy, psychotic pinkie and whoever the rainbow dash one is. The "change the picture" meme is one of my favourites.

Special thanks to bandcamp for not removing Vortex of Crap yet. How is that still up? WE UPLOADED THE ENTIRITY OF TSUNAMI, UN-EDITED. HOW. WHY. WHEN. FOR WHAT PURPOSE.

Special thanks to whoever buys this shit. No, really. Thanks, man.

Special thanks to TaZe for being a living meme.

Special thanks to me because ha

Special thanks to stupid idle and incremental games for stealing my life and soul away.

SUPER special thanks to Twilight{Tay} for being the best sister and inspiring me to you know, be happy in general. Because she's awesome. ANDILUVHERKTHNXBYE

special thanks to antony fantano, I'm thinking a strong 9 to a light 11

And that's about it. If you've given this album a listen, what did you think? Did you love it? did you hate it? Why? What should I review next, eh?



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