Skybreath (OLD ALBUM)

by Viricide Filly

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Mab I find this music to be rather unique, interesting, and let's just be honest here, I'm always glad to support a friend when I can. Favorite track: No More Roads To Travel.
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Hi! Please consider listening to my other stuff first, this album is legacy and isn't very good.


released February 15, 2014




all rights reserved


Viricide Filly UK

Hi! I'm your Big Sister, & I make electronic music for you to imagine yourself nodding your head to.

It contains ponies. Sorry about that.

House/garage/breakbeat/EDM as Viricide Filly.

Hard thud-thud as Wissshhh.

Shallow ambient and dumb vapour as Fillypunk.

Definitely not okay.
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Track Name: Rebirth
I'm not a purple pickle but I certainly fucked that dog in the ear.
Track Name: Naive
Track Name: Viricide Filly, Vinyl.rawr - Undermare (Feat. LevelNone and Vinyl.rawr)
[16:49:54] Level None [Talon]: You mother fuckers seem to think that I'm just playin round
You laugh at me you play your games you kick me while I'm down
I'll tell you what I'll play along this is the final round
There's no escaping when you're thrown into the proving ground

You see you think that I'mma take it all and stand around
Well you're wrong I'll fight with fire yeah I'll knock you out
The game is up There's no longer time to fuck around
I'll kill all you sons of bitches I mean it now
[16:49:56] Level None [Talon]: uh
[16:49:57] Level None [Talon]: oh
[16:50:00] Level None [Talon]: I
[16:50:00] Level None [Talon]: lost
[16:50:00] Level None [Talon]: the
[16:50:01] Level None [Talon]: second
[16:50:02] Level None [Talon]: verse
Track Name: No More Roads To Travel
4 4 4 4evur 4 4 4evur 4yuyeruierg
You know what I don't even care
You stole my carrot and I want a refund
You better give me some kind of compensation. You expect me to actually type out lyrics here? You're a dick.
Track Name: Airships Over Vanhoover
Poo on you, whyyy oh whyyy
Poo on you, shall I pee on you
Track Name: In Search of Prettier Skies
Some kind of dumb string arrangement that's badly mixed? The fuck, Viricide. I trusted you. I TRUSTED YOU WITH MY MOTHER'S LIFE AND NOW LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO US.
Track Name: The Strings That Hold Me
As the leash tightened, Molly moaned. Her leather cladded mistress had just turned into a cabbage.
I like cabbages.
Track Name: Wingbeats (Hearts, Hooves and Loneliness)
Bored of Canada.
Track Name: Copy A Friend (Cross My Heart)
Some extreme weed smoking must have gone on here holy shitting dicknipples batman
Track Name: Deep Breath Before The Drop (Feat. Fly High)
Track Name: I See Dead Mares VIP
Let us journey into the cave of monsters, great adventures wait!!

(See you guys in Pegapone Dreams)